Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Impact of Drones in the Canadian Skies

Question: Describe about the Impact of Drones in the Canadian Skies? Answer: Introduction: Drones are aerial devices that have the ability to do flip and spin, hover in midair and can also carry small things like a video camera on board. They can aid in scientific research work and help in surveillance work also. In democratic society drones are replacing the work of humans (Hall and Coyne, n.d.). Body: In this article the efficiency of drones are mentioned. It is said that drones are actively taking part in terms of human work. They are being considered as worker bees where employers do not want to send human for the work to be done. Aeryon Labs introduced the waterloo based drone so that it could sell hardware to the military. Drones are becoming more commercially viable and numbers of drones can be seen in the Canadian skies. Aeryons products are accustomed to the northern weather and have batteries that can sustain up to 40 minutes in the air. These devices are also helping the Ontario Provincial police to survey traffic accidents as well. Even the petrochemical companies are utilizing them to check tops of transmission towers (Shultz, 2015). Even Amazon is also introducing drones in US to deliver its packages. DHL a German company is testing a Parcel copter. The introduction of cheaper drones are widely spreading in the market and relying on businesses like real estate agents, helicopter rentals, photographers and filmmakers as well. Plexi drone is a small device that is fully automated and comes with a touch screen panel (Waquet, 2004). Conclusion: It can be concluded that Canada has been authorizing the use of commercial drones and this is a great step for transport of Canada and other drone makers as well. References Hall, A. and Coyne, C. (n.d.). The Political Economy of Drones.SSRN Journal. Shultz, D. (2015). Drones dont faze birds.Science. Waquet, P. (2004). Mine Hunting with Drones.Information Security: An International Journal, 13, pp.98-111.

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