Thursday, December 19, 2019

Skin Deep Americ A Free Country Of Freedom, Prosperity,...

Skin Deep America America has been viewed by many countries as the land of freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. We have been seen as the â€Å"melting pot† of the world where everyone, no matter what their race, can coexist in harmony. This statement, however, can be contradicted in many ways regarding the mistreatment of other races by caucasians, in the past as well as the present. Many people view America as a free country for all, but some people still face oppression, especially African Americans, even in today’s modern society. This can obviously be demonstrated in our history; which is corrupted with slavery, segregation, and white supremacy. Our country was literally built by whites, and for whites, on the breaking backs of African Americans, who were the driving labor force for the developing nation. Slavery was the fuel for the burning fire that is racism. Former slaves then struggled for civil rights and equality, as well as safety, which is even neg lected today. Often, many white people overlook racism as a mistake that’s well in the past, when in reality it is still a harmful, oppressive idea that harms and discriminates against many black’s careers, families, and lifestyle. Media today is painted red with the blood of innocent African Americans killed by racist authorities. This causes our country to not be viewed as a whole, but a segregated body still rampant with discrimination. But first, to understand the present, we must look at the past. No

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